Gray Corian® Earrings


Gray Corian® earrings with bright blue 99.9% pure niobium ear wire. Niobium is extremely hypoallergenic.

The earrings measure 1" x 1" (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm).

How they're made:

I start with a larger block of Corian® and precisely cut small slabs of it for the earrings, using a special saw that I designed for this purpose. I drill holes, finish the edges and corners of the slabs, and then go through a seven-step process of smoothing and polishing the Corian® -- six grades of abrasive paper, followed by buffing on a polishing machine.

Next, I form the ear wires from lengths of niobium wire using various pliers. I use files and other tools to smooth the ends of the ear wires. Finally, I color the wire (which starts out as a dull gray color) using a voltage-controlled anodizing process.

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