loopboost progress report #2

I’m been working on the preliminaries of the loopboost project. I have a basic concept for loopboost 1.0:


and I’ve working on the hardware and software block diagrams. I don’t have all the parts yet, but I should be able to start coding next week.

loopboost progress report #1 — a design road not taken

By |April 20th, 2015|Assistive Technology, LoopBoost, News|Comments Off on loopboost progress report #1 — a design road not taken

I’ve been working on the loopboost blog (loopboost.com) recently, laying down some design considerations before actually jumping into the hardware and software development. There are always important design decisions that are made at the very beginning of any design project. These are not always explicitly recognized or communicated, but since the loopboost project will be both public and open-source, I wanted to be very clear about these at the beginning. All this discussion is on the loopboost blog, so I won’t repeat it here; but I will include a concept sketch that I did early on. This sketch, however, represents a design road not taken.