3D-Printing 4-Dozen Suns

This week I’ve been 3D-printing “suns” for my window display. It was sort of like baking batches of cookies. I “baked” the suns four at time. Here they are on the “cookie sheet”:

suns on baking sheet

I made two dozen yellow suns and two dozen orange suns:

pile of suns

Next, I have to drill holes in them to string them up. That’s 96 holes. It will take me a little while.

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Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the Daniel Bogen Design blog! It’s taken three years to get my design studio in order; but now that all the essential pieces are in place, it’s time to start cranking out the projects. It took about a year and a half to find a property for my studio, renovate it, and move in. And then another year and a half of machine setups, repairs, and upgrades. And finally, the last major hurdle — just completed last week — was getting all the necessary software together.

Going forward, I will be writing about various projects I’m working on and sharing some of the design methods I’ve developed over the years. Some of the projects will be open-source, some will be commercial, some will be educational, and some will be recreational.

Today’s project is updating my studio window display. We’re on a commercial street here, mostly retail and restaurants, and the shops tend to have seasonal and holiday displays in their windows. Although I do not have a retail operation, I like to support the local merchants, so I put some seasonal decorations in my window, too. I’ve had some laser-cut acrylic snowflakes hanging in the window since December. Here’s the CAD version of a snowflake:


And now it’s time for something more spring-like, so I’m in the process of 3D printing some sun-like decorations. Here’s the CAD version of a “sun”:

I’ll be printing them out in yellow and orange.

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Welcome to Daniel Bogen Design

Our new design studio in South Philly is up and running … finally!

Working on assistive technology and other projects. The Blog will begin soon.

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